Regardless of the subject, the ideal first step would be to meet the subject(s) in person and sketch as many defining aspects as possible. However, the reality of today’s world and the global reach of my work allows you to send a collection of reference photos or videos. Available technology, such as a video chat, can enable you to express the essence of the subject you’d like incorporated in the final piece. Local Atlanta residents can use “my” photographer, Jenny Levine. I have collaborated with her extensively and exclusively over the last few years. The use of new or old photos with my drawings allows me to create a realistic, living portrait in relief.

My method of creating custom artwork is planning the composition that will bring the subject to life. I am comfortable abstracting a three-dimensional world that may bear no resemblance to the original two-dimensional photo.  It is from the imaginative composition that beauty is derived.  

The choice of materials is of equal and paramount importance. 

The current portfolio consists of commissions in graphite, charcoal, Conte crayon, and colored pencil on paper. Without a doubt, the preferred medium of my patrons has been colored pencil on paper. To meet the excellent standards you expect, I use pencils with both the highest pigment content and light-fastness rating. The highest quality archival paper is used.  I apply a fine art workable fixative after each layer of pigment ensuring a durable final product.  The whole process can take up to  4 to 5 weeks. However, I am able to compress the timeline. Pricing is impacted by variables such as size, number of subjects in the portrait, medium, materials, amount of time devoted to the project, and shipping and handling, if necessary. Fees start at $200 for a 10″ by 14″ or smaller custom portrait or commission in charcoal, Conte crayon, or graphite. The same exact size portrait in colored pencil on paper starts at about $350. Quality trumps time. There are numerous ways to reach me to set up an initial consultation: all the various Social Media platforms or simply complete the Contact Us form located on the home page. A 50% deposit will be required at the time work begins. Shipping and handling costs by my professional printer would depend upon the size and weight of the artwork.

When making a Custom Commission, the primary objective is to deliver a unique and beautiful record, like a phonograph LP, in a digital world. This is my pledge to you.