I’ll Be Featured at the Atlanta Artists Center

Dear Friends:

Proud to announce the Jury of the Atlanta Artists Center at 2979 Grandview Ave NE #3213, Atlanta, GA 30305 chose one of my submissions for their upcoming Drawing Show Exhibit. The show will hang in the Gallery for two months and the original artwork will be for sale.

This Sunday, May 1, will be the Awards Presentation and Opening for the Artists and their friends from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM. Then, The Drawing Show will open officially to the Public on May 3. It looks like the only Colored Pencil on Paper Artwork might me mine…….Hah!

I hope you can visit The Drawing Show over the next two months. If you should be interested, impeccable Giclee Prints in virtually any size will be available. Just inquire with me or visit my website.

Hope to see you and thank you very much!!!


Rich Perano